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Artist and Illustrator duo. New Delhi, India.

Paro (Goodearth)
A visual vocabulary and mural created for Paro, a sub brand of GoodEarth. The images were created to illustrate the wisdom of the Vedic philosophy, emphasising the primal connect between the human mind, body, spirit and the natural world. 'Paro' is a return to that ancestral wisdom and knowledge.
Alchem International Calendar 2020
A series of illustrations created for a pharmaceutical company. Aimed at showcasing the highlights various medicinal/chemical, inventions and discoveries, over the years and their positive and negative impact on our world.
Digital Mural, Ogaan
Digital murals and wrapping paper, created for Ogaan's autumn collection in Delhi. Inspiration drawn from Delhi's architecture. Digital Painting and Collage. 6ft x 9ft. 2018
Digital Paintings, Ogaan
Digital painted murals, wrapping paper and bag created for Ogaan. For their store spring collection. Inspired by impressionistic, oil paintings, textures and muted colours. Mural size: 6ft x 9ft
The Story of Buddha, Book
Children's book illustrated for Goodearth, titled 'The Story of Buddha, The Enlightened One', written by Tripti Nainwal. Published 2018
Koki's Song, Book
Children's book Illustration and design for Harper Collins, titled 'Koki's Song' written by Ruskin Bond. The book is about a little Himachali girl learning about friendship and loss. Published 2018
Hand Painted Mural, Gond Art
A commissioned hand painted home mural, inspired by Gond art from Madhya Pradesh. Acrylic on MDF board. 10ft x 10ft 2016
Cat, Come Back! Book
Illustrated children's book titled, 'Cat, Come Back!', written by Lavanya Karthik, published by Karadi tales. Published 2018.
Digital Art, Commissioned
A Digital watercolour commission, created for a Children's room.
Characters and food, Slurrp Farm packaging
Characters, fruits and scenarios created for Slurrp Farm. Packaging and social media. Paper and digital collage. 2017
Posters created over the years for Seher, for their annual Udaipur World Music Festival
Leh Travels 2021
Personal work by Ayeshe. Digital illustrations created during our travels around Leh in 2021.
ASEAN Posters
Posters created for Seher, for their event with ASEAN celebrating 25 years of partnership.
Birds of Delhi
Birds created for Studio EkSaat, for their clients INTACH. These illustrations were used as part of a map for the Garden of Five Senses, Saidulajab, New Delhi.
Hand painted panels, Ogaan
Hand painted screens created for Ogaan, an Indian fashion collective. The screens were displayed in their shop as backdrops for their spring collection. 2017
A Gourmet's Journey
Illustrations done for 'A Gourmet's Journey' by Jasleen Dhamija. A wonderful book mapping Jasleen's food journey's, recipes, from her travels around the world.
Aiman Ka Basta
We worked on this delightful book written by Mazhar Ahmed for Pratham Books.
Benaras rickshaws
A Comic created for an agency which was working with empowering the Benaras (Varanasi) cycle rickshaw drivers. The script was converted to a purely visual narrative for the local rickshaw drivers and their children to help understand the role of the agency.
Udaipur World Music Festival
Created for the first "Udaipur Word Music Festival". The event was conceptualized and organized by Seher.
Suraya's Gift
Created for a book titled "Suraya's gift" written by Malavika Nataraj, published by Penguin. These illustrations are black and white digital collages, using different textures and papers.
Nehru Posters
Trial posters created for a musical event, organized by Seher, celebrating the 125th Anniversary of Jawahar Lal Nehru. Unfortunately none were used, but we liked them :)
Amberjack Book 3
A story about a girl who gets inspired by the greatest women in history. The story was conceptualized and written by Kim McArthur and published by Amberjack. This book was drawn with ink and coloured digtally.
Bag Artwork
Artwork for a bag for Elements Production services, a give away for an Anthropology shoot in Rajasthan.
Talon wrestles an Anaconda
Illustrations done for the book "Talon wrestles an Anaconda" by Kim McArthur. Published by Amberjack Publishing, New York.
Manakai Dreams of Hawaii
Illustrations done for children's book "Manakai dreams of Hawaii" by Kim McArthur. Published by Amberjack Publishing, New York.
Children's Book Illustrations
A set of Illustrations, based on the Panchatantra stories, done for author Malavika Nataraj.
Children's snacks
Food and character illustrations done for Slurrp farms, a line of children's snack products. Design and identity done by Umang Bhattacharya.
Tote Bags
Illustrations created for Elements production services, for giveaways at Cannes 2013, and a Jcrew shoot in Jaiselmer, 2014.
Wedding Card III
We got married and made this card for the celebration. Also did a friends card inspired by the same. 3 colour silkscreen print.
Food Log Malaysia
A day by day log of all the lovely food eaten during our travel in Malayasia.
Logo design for Project Art Worm
Branding for an interactive web platform for showcasing art and artists. Making art more accessible to everyone. Website can be visited at www.projectartworm.com
The Lodhi
Branding project in collaboration with 211 studio, Mukund VR and Green Goose Design for the Lodhi Hotel, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Blackboard iIlustrations
Illustrations done for Monkey Bar, a restaurant in New Delhi. Artwork done on a blackboard using acrylic paints and chalk.
Exhibition collaterals 1
Poster, Invite and Calendar designed for K.S. Radhakrishnanan, a sculptor, for an exhibition titled 'Liminal Figures Liminal Space'.
Illustrations done for a nightclub.
Book Covers
Book covers illustrated and designed for Orient Blackswan and Full Circle.
Caricatures made for a client. left to right : michael jackson, mark zuckerberg, richard branson, sunil bharati mittal, steve jobs, saina nehwal
Behind the scene
These illustrations were commissioned by Elements production company, as giveaways, to showcase the behind the scenes; chaos, madness and ingenuity, that went into the production of ad films that they worked on. These were 2 colour screen print foldouts.
coke illustration
Illustration made for coca cola (india) for their bottlers convention. rotoring pen + vector fills
Drawings 2
some illustrations cannibal's soup and our cat
Drawings 1
Just some exploratory drawings
Quick creations for a friends band. Pen and ink.
Narayan Niwas Identity
Designed a crest for a heritage hotel in Jaiselmer ,Rajasthan.
Wedding Cards 2
Wedding cards we designed for our friends.
Wedding Cards
Wedding cards, designed and illustrated in an Indian miniature painting style. Cards were custom made for the clients depicting the different events of the wedding. With caricatures of some family members as well.
Elements Ad Series
A magazine advertisement series created for 'Elements Production Services' A4 full page ads.
Children's book
Illustrations for a children's book.The story was based in Benaras, about a girl and her boatman father.
Love Travel Guides
For a series of travel books on India, called 'Love Travel Guides' by Fiona Caulfield. 2 colour screen printed illustrations
Postcard Series I
Postcards for 'Elements Production Services' 2 colour screen prints.
Children's book
A one to ten counting book for children.
Postcard Series II
Promotional postcards for 'Elements Production Services' Inspired by Indian mythological figures and bengal woodcuts.
Scholastic Book Series
Pages from the 'me and we' series of children's books, published by Scholastic and written by Kim McArthur. These books, weave life tips into lively everyday adventures.
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